growing possibilities

I came home one afternoon to find three neighborhood kids with sticks in hand and the windows of our garage broken. I asked them if they knew who broke the windows. The littlest, age 3, nodded and pointed at his brother. His brother, age 12, told a very different story. The sister, age 8, looked very sad. Instead of pursuing this, I asked if they wanted to see the garden that we just planted. Excitedly, the two youngest agreed and the eldest brother eventually followed. They squatted down beside me and I saw the wonder in their eyes as we inspected the seedlings that were emerging. I let them play in the sprinkler and they took great care not to disturb the garden. I offered the little girl a plant of sage still in its pot to take home and she was filled with wonder and pride. Since that day we have had no more broken windows and I have three new friends.

This experience planted a new idea in me: I would like to create and maintain one garden in the city next year.
I know that many garden projects exist and I say, “YAY, The more the better!”

I welcome any and all input while I begin planning for the project next Spring…



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