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Spiritual Connections - RGB

Over the past four years studying spiritual traditions around the world, I discovered many similarities across religious holidays and seasonal celebrations. These similarities have deepened my understanding of just how closely linked our expressions of spirituality are. The above poster is a summation of this work which I am calling Spiritual Connections Around the World. The purpose of this work is to begin to convey the harmony and kinship of spiritual celebrations around the world.

Over the next year, I will be accompanying this poster with a series of articles on each of the eight seasonal periods throughout the year:

  • Spring, published March 20, 2016
  • Midspring, coming May 1st
  • Summer, coming June 20th
  • Midsummer, coming August 1st
  • Fall, coming September 22nd
  • Midfall, coming November 1st
  • Winter, coming December 21st
  • Midwinter, coming February 2nd

In a world where people kill to claim their god as the one true god, my hope is seeing the kinship our religious expressions share would loosen the fervor for absolute truth. For those who identify as spiritual but not religious, may it inspire greater appreciation for and exploration of diverse expressions of spirit.

For a copy of this poster or additional information, please contact me at Jacqueline.t.hammond@gmail.com

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