Spiritual Connections - Season Cards - Midspring

Midspring, the halfway point between spring and summer, is the growing time when life seems to shoot up out of the ground with abundant life. This is a time of boundless energy and creation. A time of fertility and continued regeneration. A time to give thanks for the source of new life gifted to us by mother nature, and through her, our own forebear – our mother. And so it is that this time of year has two enduring, but related symbols — the mother and the tree of life, or family tree, are both enduring symbols of midspring celebrations both ancient and new.

Tree of Life

  • Arobor Day is dedicated annually to public tree-planting in the America and Australia
  • May Day was celebrated in ancient and more modern times with Maypoles, large trees stripped of their bows and adorned with flowers and ribbons for ceremonial dancing
  • Holy Cross Day is celebrated with large wooden crosses erected and decorated with ribbons and flowers
  • Tree of Life ceremonies have taken place from Africa to Nepal with varying traditions united by the selection and adornment of a special tree with ribbons or flags


  • Maia, the ancient Greek Goddess, was the virgin mother of Hermes and the root of name given to the month in which she was celebrated
  • The blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is the patroness of the month of May
  • Mother’s Day, a modern celebration honoring one’s own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society


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