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  • a bug’s life

    a bug’s life

    Insect[s] are dancing in the sunbeams, burrowing in the ground, diving, swimming, a cloud of witnesses telling Nature’s joy. – John Muir Unedited pictures taken this morning in my garden. If you were a bug, which of these would you want to be?

  • urban farming

    urban farming

    A post from our friends at Milkwood with a handy guidebook on urban farming. [Click image to download guide] For anyone living in Washington DC, I will be attending a free all-day urban gardening event called Rooting DC on Saturday Feb 23rd. A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it…

  • harmony: a letter to my brother

    harmony: a letter to my brother

    Letter written on January 16, 2013 to my brother Will: “Engineering and design in the clean energy and transport sectors have, in recent years, shown us the vast potential that exists for working with the grain of Nature in meeting our energy needs.” – The Prince of Wales Dear Will, I recently read a book…

  • growing possibilities

    growing possibilities

    I came home one afternoon to find three neighborhood kids with sticks in hand and the windows of our garage broken. I asked them if they knew who broke the windows. The littlest, age 3, nodded and pointed at his brother. His brother, age 12, told a very different story. The sister, age 8, looked…

  • meaning in the green: six lessons from my garden

    meaning in the green: six lessons from my garden

    We are here for more than ourselves.  The groundhog is nourished by my jalapenos and tomatoes. The birds indulge on fat little worms or seeds in the garden beds. Not every plant or vegetable is for me. I feel grateful that I can contribute to their health, just as this garden contributes to mine. In giving, so…