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  • karma farm

    karma farm

    Yesterday, a farmer welcomed four strangers for a picnic at Karma Farm. Contrary to western belief, Karma is neither good nor bad, fate nor destiny. Instead, Karma is more like the act of planting a seed. Once planted, time and unseen mystery take over until the tiny plant pushes out of the soil to be…

  • the meaning of nature

    the meaning of nature

    Explore how a shift in the meaning of nature occurred during the 1500-1600s with significant implications for how we interact with and perceive our environment.

  • a bug’s life

    a bug’s life

    Insect[s] are dancing in the sunbeams, burrowing in the ground, diving, swimming, a cloud of witnesses telling Nature’s joy. – John Muir Unedited pictures taken this morning in my garden. If you were a bug, which of these would you want to be?

  • harmony: a letter to my brother

    harmony: a letter to my brother

    Letter written on January 16, 2013 to my brother Will: “Engineering and design in the clean energy and transport sectors have, in recent years, shown us the vast potential that exists for working with the grain of Nature in meeting our energy needs.” – The Prince of Wales Dear Will, I recently read a book…

  • senses in winter

    senses in winter

    On a winter hike this morning – heart beating, arms tingling with chill, and mind racing with thoughts. Just as the sun peaks out from the clouds, I stop to sit on a stump and presence my senses.  My eyes close as I take in the warmth of the sun.  Opening them again, the beauty that…