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  • a bug’s life

    a bug’s life

    Insect[s] are dancing in the sunbeams, burrowing in the ground, diving, swimming, a cloud of witnesses telling Nature’s joy. – John Muir Unedited pictures taken this morning in my garden. If you were a bug, which of these would you want to be?

  • senses in winter

    senses in winter

    On a winter hike this morning – heart beating, arms tingling with chill, and mind racing with thoughts. Just as the sun peaks out from the clouds, I stop to sit on a stump and presence my senses.  My eyes close as I take in the warmth of the sun.  Opening them again, the beauty that…

  • veins of the earth

    veins of the earth

    Veins of the Earth by Jacque Hammond A forest of trees bare in winter – Intricate lace-like beauty of branches, Like veins, protruding from the earth. Each tree, one asymmetrical journey to the sky, Each branch, a glorious balancing act. We, the forest, are but veins of the earth. One trunk, many branches. One direction,…

  • squirrelafia


    Squirrelafia: Local Sciuridae Violence Peaks Over Nut Prohibition January 10, 2013 by Jacque, The Hammond Herald Laurel, MD — At 8:59 am this morning, eight grey squirrels were seen bounding — one after the other — atop a fence at 509 Gorman Ave toward the neighborhood’s lone black squirrel. In what was a Matrix-style defense,…

  • meaning in the green: six lessons from my garden

    meaning in the green: six lessons from my garden

    We are here for more than ourselves.  The groundhog is nourished by my jalapenos and tomatoes. The birds indulge on fat little worms or seeds in the garden beds. Not every plant or vegetable is for me. I feel grateful that I can contribute to their health, just as this garden contributes to mine. In giving, so…