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  • full circle

    full circle

    During times in our life when we feel stuck or uncertain, there is a practice called “Full Circle” that can be used to navigate and guide us. This simple practice is inspired by nature’s cycle of the seasons and offers a universal way to reflect and explore new possibilities. The Full Circle practice allows us…

  • day of love

    day of love

    History of Valentine’s Day, its meaning of origin, and an invitation to create new traditions.

  • the meaning of nature

    the meaning of nature

    Explore how a shift in the meaning of nature occurred during the 1500-1600s with significant implications for how we interact with and perceive our environment.

  • pearl talisman

    pearl talisman

    At a tender age my grandfather gave me a special gift – a necklace with a tiny pearl inside a gold shell. I remember rubbing the little pearl as it hung around my neck like a touchstone. From the day my ears were pierced, I preferred earrings made with pearls. While I’ve attempted to wear…

  • meaning in the green: six lessons from my garden

    meaning in the green: six lessons from my garden

    We are here for more than ourselves.  The groundhog is nourished by my jalapenos and tomatoes. The birds indulge on fat little worms or seeds in the garden beds. Not every plant or vegetable is for me. I feel grateful that I can contribute to their health, just as this garden contributes to mine. In giving, so…