Tag: Earth’s Wisdom

  • day of love

    day of love

    History of Valentine’s Day, its meaning of origin, and an invitation to create new traditions.

  • old sol

    old sol

    Old sols widening circles enchanted by light Brother wind whispers through the leaves Be still young one gentle breeze Heaven is here

  • karma farm

    karma farm

    Yesterday, a farmer welcomed four strangers for a picnic at Karma Farm. Contrary to western belief, Karma is neither good nor bad, fate nor destiny. Instead, Karma is more like the act of planting a seed. Once planted, time and unseen mystery take over until the tiny plant pushes out of the soil to be…

  • veins of the earth

    veins of the earth

    Veins of the Earth by Jacque Hammond A forest of trees bare in winter – Intricate lace-like beauty of branches, Like veins, protruding from the earth. Each tree, one asymmetrical journey to the sky, Each branch, a glorious balancing act. We, the forest, are but veins of the earth. One trunk, many branches. One direction,…