festive sol

  • old sol

    old sol

    Old sols widening circles enchanted by light Brother wind whispers through the leaves Be still young one gentle breeze Heaven is here

  • grandmother moon

    grandmother moon

    The story of Grandmother Moon told on the night of the Blood Moon Eclipse, a once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • karma farm

    karma farm

    Yesterday, a farmer welcomed four strangers for a picnic at Karma Farm. Contrary to western belief, Karma is neither good nor bad, fate nor destiny. Instead, Karma is more like the act of planting a seed. Once planted, time and unseen mystery take over until the tiny plant pushes out of the soil to be…

  • the meaning of nature

    the meaning of nature

    Explore how a shift in the meaning of nature occurred during the 1500-1600s with significant implications for how we interact with and perceive our environment.

  • a story that could be true

    a story that could be true

    The story we play in our mind is a powerful one. Our story can be what we want it to be – dark and light, lost and found, life and death. We are the storyweavers. We weave our life stories from the fabric of our choosing and for the future of our youth. May you…


Many festivals and religious holidays are united by similar themes and seasons throughout the year. May we be inspired by the harmony and kinship of the celebrations around the world!

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