grandmother moon

Partial Eclipse Blood Moon

Grandmother Moon
by Grandmother Waynonaha
Author of Voices: A Collection of Native American Stories

“The pale face of Grandmother Moon slips through the sky, as night after night she watches over me while I sleep.

Her silver light makes silvery, lacey patterns on the wall, as she sends her beams through my  window curtains. I watch as the delicate spider web pattern moves over the wall, and find myself spun into her magic.

Grandmother Moon moves eternally in her path across the sky and in time her daughter Mother Earth comes between her and Grandfather Sun. They embrace their daughter and hold her between them for a few minutes during the eclipse of the moon as we call this moment. We Native people call it the reuniting of the Earth with her parents the Sun and the Moon. It is in this perfect moment of love that we here on this Earth feel the wonder of all creation. In these few hours the love that our Mother Earth feels from her parents is radiated into every living thing here on her earth body.

We tell time and seasons by the times Grandmother Moon waxes and wanes. From time beyond this has been a constant cycle of the Earth and the seasons.

We human beings look to the sky and are always amazed at the changes and wonders of this gathering of the planets and stars that surrounds us with love.

As long as Grandmother Moon watches over me I am safe. In time she will help us all to know and understand the Great Mystery of the Universe and the original creation of life.”



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