sustainable change

“If you reflect on the stories of successful leaders… you realize that these entrepreneurs were committed enough and patient enough to give their projects time to evolve and find their own way of operating. There were years spent simply learning what structures, agreements, leadership, and types of people were required to be successful.

It was after the model had evolved and succeeded on its own terms that it began to grow, gain attention, and achieve a level of scale that touched large numbers of people.

This means that sustainable changes in community occur locally on a small scale, happen slowly, and are initiated at a grassroots level.”

– Peter Block, Community

Personal Reflection
Block’s quote has inspired me professionally and personally. Often I read this quote and reflect, “What am I learning? What works and what doesn’t? How can I slow down and make this better?”

By committing to the long haul and setting an intention for sustainable change, I notice my learning has deepened and my vision is amplified. A profound and welcome shift.

Picture: taken this past weekend outside of Lake Placid, NY



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